Micro Computer

Microcomputers are computers whose central processing unit consists of a microprocessor. A microprocessor is an integrated circuit. Microcomputers are the least powerful, yet the most widely used and fastest growing type of computers. These are four t
ypes of microcomputer : desktop, notebook, tablet PC and handled computers. Desktop computer are small enough to fit on top of alongside a desk  yet are too big to Carry around. Notebook computers, also know as a laptop computers, are portable, lightweight, and fit into most briefcases. A tablet  PC is a type of notebook computer that accepts your handwriting. This input is digitized and converted to standards text that can be further processed by programs such as word processor. Handled computers are the smallest and are deigned to fit into the palm of one hand. Also known as palm computers.

                   Hardware for a microcomputer system consists of a variety of different devices such as system unit, input / output, secondary storage, and communication. The main media of into a microcomputers area keyboard and a mouse and output is the monitor. The processing speed of microcomputer is 1 lac process per second. These computers are used for business application, entertainment, at home and the field of medicine. Examples are APPLE MAC, I MaC, IBM PS / 2, IBM compatible and PS 386, 486

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